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Worcester BID is funding a series of free and heavily subsidised training courses for employees of BID businesses to undertake.
Since November 2010 we have undertaken a series of training courses, all of which have been extremely well received by participating BID businesses.
Ranging from First Aid to Social Media, World Host Customer Service to ACT Awareness Counter Terrorism training and pretty much everything in between!
We are also liaising with national training providers to bring an excellent range of FREE accredited training courses to our BID businesses.
Further information can be found on our TRAINING NEEDS ANALYSIS FORM FOR BID BUSINESSES – JUNE 2019
or complete our quick 2 minute TRAINING NEEDS ANALYSIS SURVEY 
Get involved and sign up today for one of our courses!

Upcoming Course Dates:

Free Social Media: Getting to Grips with Facebook & Instagram – 12 June 2019

Free Social Media: Advanced Facebook & Instagram – 13 June 2019
(Fully Booked : Please register your interest with the BID team for future course dates)

Emergency First Aid (1 day course – £20 plus VAT per person) – 18 June 2019

Free Social Media: Getting to Grips with Twitter – 10 July 2019

Free Social Media: Advanced Twitter – 11 July 2019

Free Visual Merchandising – Planning your store, Calendar, Layout, Instore merchandising – 21 August 2019

Free Visual Merchandising – Window and Internal displays focusing on Christmas – 15 October 2019

Level 2 Food Safety in Catering (1 day course – £20 plus VAT per person) – date to be confirmed

The above short courses generally only take an hour and, at most, a day of your time and are either fully funded or heavily subsidised so they will be at no cost or a nominal cost to your business.

Recent Courses Held

Ongoing – Social Media Training

11th October 2018 – Project Griffin Training

January 2018 – Emergency First Aid at Work

11th May 2017 – Project Griffin Training (Anti-Terrorism)

9th May 2017 – ARGUS Training (Anti-Terrorism)

24th February 2017 – Media Masterclass

23rd February 2017 – Emergency First Aid at Work

17th March 2017 – Jesip Training (Emergency Communications)

14th March 2017 – Social Media Workshop