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What is Worcester CityNet?

Worcester CityNet is Worcester BID’s Business Crime Reduction Partnership and includes members from over 150 businesses from across the day ang night-time economies. It is an intelligence led approach to managing city centre crime issues, by targeting and focusing efforts on the most persistent offenders. The team adopt a professional approach to combating retail, business and city centre crime within Worcester.

Members of CityNet include over 150 retailers, licensed premises, city centre CCTV, the police, local authority and other interested agencies. All parties are committed to sharing good practice, information and promoting partnership working.


• To deliver a local strategy to reduce city centre crime and the fear of crime.
• To help businesses to trade successfully in a safe and secure environment.
• To improve information sharing between the partnership and other crime reduction agencies.
• To establish good practice for the collation, evaluation, analysis and dissemination of crime data locally, regionally and nationally.
• To establish a strategy for identifying and sharing key performance indicators and management information.
• To examine opportunities to link the group to edge of town secondary shopping areas.
• To establish a local funding strategy to ensure long-term sustainability.

Membership Benefits

In partnership with CityNet, your business joins a wide network of businesses working together to provide a safer living and working environment.

Joining a shared radio scheme will give you direct access to a network which is monitored by local police officers, CCTV suites, security staff and other businesses, meaning that warnings of criminal activity can be efficiently communicated between members.

Worcester BID also provides CityNet members with access to a website mobile app which allows the user to report minor incidents directly to the crime bureau, browse prolific offenders, instant message businesses in their sector and receive latest news and events from CityNet and local authorities.

You and your business will benefit in the following ways:

• Reduce stock loss by preventing and deterring theft.
• Reduce crime and fear by deterring violent behaviour.
• Develop effective partnerships between the Police and the business community.
• Enable security staff to be deployed more effectively.
• Keeping your staff informed through reference material and photographs on active criminals.
• Promote a more relaxed business environment and encourage more customers.
• Exclusion notices can be served on target criminals excluding them from entering all CityNet business premises.
• Businesses work closer by sharing information.
• The management of ‘Real Time’ crime.
• Training for staff of all aspects of CityNet guidelines.
• Increased profits by reducing the opportunity for crime.
• Ending business isolation.
• Information sharing.
• CCTV coverage.
• Radio links with Police, CCTV and other members.

Can you afford not to join!?

CityNet membership for Worcester BID members is free! The only cost incurred for Worcester BID members is for the rental of the digital radio and access to the digital app. Collectively, these services come to less than 50p a day!
If you aren’t a Worcester BID member, there is a small charge for membership to the scheme. Please contact the Worcester BID team to find out more!

Contact Information

James Bell
Project Lead – Safer City and Getting Out & About
01905 731612

Worcester CityNet Documents

CityNet – Privacy Notice (Offenders)