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Worcester Cares


If you visit, live or work in Worcester City, you will sometimes see people on the street. Some sleeping rough, in shop doorways or along the river, some are drinking excessively in the City centre, and others are begging – occasionally aggressively. Each needs help, whether they belong to only one or all three of these groups.

Our city does not want to demonise people on the street for the situation the find themselves in. Now charities and services from across the City have come together to help people you see on the street.

We know many who live and work in Worcester City, as well as many tourists and visitors, are compassionate people who want to help but are not sure how to. Worcester Cares is a united umbrella approach, which helps all the charities, and support services coordinate their work.

Here is what you can now do to help and be part of Worcester Cares;

Tell us

Tell us about someone by using Street Link. By using the Street Link app, you can note down the place or street a person is and we can send someone to see him or her. www.streetlink.org.uk or by calling 0300 500 09145

Tell them

Explain to the person that there are charities, churches and services in the City where they can get help. Magg’s Day Centre, St Paul’s Hostel and Caring for Communities (CCP) have experienced and trained staff who know what to do. Tell them to visit The Hive and the City Council staff will help them make the connection.

Volunteer for one of the Worcester Cares charities or services.

The charities in Worcester who work with people on the street have many different opportunities to volunteer time to help. Visit the websites of Maggs Day Centre, CCP or St Paul’s Hostel to find out more.

www.maggsdaycentre.co.uk   www.ccp.org.uk   www.stpaulshostel.co.uk

Click HERE for FAQ’s or HERE to learn more about Worcester Cares

Any further questions, please email info@worcesterbid.com